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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  September 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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girlfriend 30 years ago. chad pradelli is live now with the story. the question is, why now after a local newspaper uncovered new potential evidence, the district attorney decided to reopen the case and took it to a grand jury and decided to arrest who was once known as super fly with murder. >> the 23-year-old was found in an allentown hotel struggling to breathe, she later died at a local hospital, authorities said an autopsy showed traumatic brain injuries, he wrote in an auto biography he was innocent in her death and allegations he may have been involved ruined his life and was taken to civil court by her family. >> bail is set at 100,000
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there's and 10% and arrangements were made for mr. snucka to sounder and to surrender his passport. >> he was known for his high flying maneuvers in the 1980s, now called the wwe who released a statement that says that wwe continues to express their sympathy for their loss. at last check he has not posted bond and remains behind bars. now to charges filed against a west philadelphia funeral director, authorities converged at the hawkins funeral parlor after decomposing bodies were found independent side. blair hawkins is faced with three charges of abuse of a
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corpse. annie mccormick is live with the details. >> reporter: investigators spend the day identifying the bodies and notifying the next of kin. saying this funeral director had enough experience to know what he was doing was wrong. >> he is charged with three counts of abuse of a corpse. they found three decomposing bodies. they found the body of 69-year-old body of harvey vaughn embalmed but not properly in a casket waiting to be embalmed and the other two decomposing and then the investigators found more. >> two separate set of organs found in this bag that belong to two different people, the medical examiner is trying to identify where those organs came from. >> the facility had no license but hawkin his a funeral
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director's license and an unblemished record since 1969. this woman had questions about the care at this facility. >> sole pro pry ter was away and was unaware of the situation. >> the whole situation is unacceptable. >> this is the second time in weeks that decomposing bodies have been found at funeral homes. they say it may be over money. >> and police say that if a family makes an agreement with a funeral director and is unable to pay in full, it's up to the funeral director to contact the state board and go from there. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two men are facing aggravated assault charges after
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a dispute turned physical this morning, police say one employee slashed another in the neck and that person was treated at the scene for a minor cut. they did not say with the fight was about. two children remain in critical condition after being struck by a car on route 9 in ocean county, the two children, 1 and 4 were hit crossing the street with their mother, the mother is in stable condition, and all three are treated at jersey shore medical center, police say the driver did stop and no word if charges will be filed. as philadelphia children get ready to head back to school. city leaders are encouraging fathers to join the million man march. curtis williams held a meeting today fathers are encouraged to accompany their children to the first day of school. this year'sest resumed tuesday
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september 8th, the first day of public school in philadelphia. pope francis made a major announcement from the vatican today, just a month away from his arrival in philadelphia. he is telling priests they can issue forgiveness to women that had abortions. archbishop chaput says that priests in the philadelphia area have had permission for years to absolve the sin of abortion. and the pope has added normal place to his visit. he will drive through ventral park before celebrating mass at madison square garden, the day before he arrives in philadelphia. with 24 days before the pope makes his way to philadelphia, hotels say there is still plenty of space available. john rawlins has the details
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tonight. >> reporter: with 24 days to go some hotels are booked up and others still have thousands of vacancies and the hotel association thinks all the rooms will sell but at this point -- >> a lot of hotels are sold out and others that have 50% to 60% of their inventory available. >> world meeting attendees opting not to stay for the weekend. >> it does surprise me, that if they come for the world meeting of families, i would think that the majority of them would want to stick around to see pope francis. >> the mayor rolled out a new world meeting event, a meeting at la salle for mayors. >> a bit of a break down and family structure or family structures are changing, all around the world. >> it's not clear how many people will come to see the
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pope, his public events don't require tickets, transit agents have report that passes for papal eventses are slow. and how many charter buses had signed up by yesterday's deadline. >> i'm sure they are still tallying up what they are doing. >> finally a bright spot for those planning to walk here to the parkway, across the ben franklin bridge from camden, the river link ferry system says they will run extended hours during the papal visit, those pilgrims lucky enough to get on board will save many steps from their journey. this reminder, get updates from the pope's upcoming visit by following 6 abc pope on twitter, we are posting the latest news and tips and pictures for the arrival of pope francis in september. and tune in on friday at 10:00, for a special edition, pope francis and the people, the
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papal audience with three cities, david muir hod rated the event from the vatican, see it all here friday night at 10:00 here on 6 abc. breaking news now, we have traffic news to pass along as we want to look live along the garden state parkway, we lost the picture but a traffic issue on the garden state parkway in galloway township, a cash wreck that caused injuries and they freed one person that is trapped, they are looking into what caused the shut down of the lanes on the garden state parkway. secretary of state, john kerry and two local senators voiced support for the iran nuclear deal, bob casey and delawa delaware democratic chris couns joins senator carpenter in the
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deal. new jersey senator, bob menendez is opposed. corey booker has not yet revealed his position. and the iran nuclear deal here in philadelphia, he will lay out the case at the national constitution center. meantime, summer break is coming to an end for stat books students across our area, the action cam was at the charter elementary school this morning as students started the first day of a new year, students did not waste time getting situationed with their new desks. still to come on "action news," one direction's harry stiles sent social media abuzz after a stop on villanova's campus. >> and why the famed golden knights canceled their performance at this year's air show. >> lots of 90s, heat wave number five for the year here in philadelphia, we'll let you know how long the 90s are sticking
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around. and ducis rogers has sports and much more when "action news" at 6:00 continues in just a moment.
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one direct takes the stage tonight at lincoln financial field and one the boy band stars arrived in the delaware valley early and very hungry. walter perez is live in south philadelphia tonight and he started the buzz on social media today. >> reporter: absolutely, we spoke to one young lady about the situation, we said how big
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of a deal is one direction, she said oh my goodness you have to idea. band member, harry stiles and his entourage stopped by a local pizza place last night. >> there are people out there that don't know that one direction is one of the biggest musical acts in the world. one of them was beth who works at corner pizza who did not know who she was serving last night. >> they said that is harry stiles and i was like who is harry stiles. >> i would have had the same reaction. >> i found out quickly who he was. >> and then it started to pop up on social media, and it caught the attention of adoring fans at villanova university. >> it was all over twitter instagram and facebook. >> people came in and were
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telling everyone, and they came sprintling out of their rooms. >> by the time they converged on pizza corner, he was gone. the owner says it was more dizzar. >> getting calls from all over the country, mississippi, tennessee and wyoming and texas, asking me to send pictures of booth and if he used the bathroom send a picture of that. >> they wanted to know what the boy band heartthrob ate, you can see he ate cheesesteaks, fries and soda, spending 52.87 there'ses after the owner gave them a $5 discount. if you don't know why this is important, you don't understand. >> girls love him and he dated taylor swift that is also why and he is huge. >> people at campus corner say that harry stiles is a very good tipper, but they would not
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elaborate any further than that, and if you are wild about harry and one direction, you have another chance to see them live tonight right here at the linc at 7:00, if you are lucky enough to have a ticket. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. well tomorrow is the 13th annual atlantic city air show and the blue angels are back and they have already checked out the city. >> my first time in atlantic city and we drove around quite a bit and had a good time and we freak whenned one of the gaming establishmentses and had no luck so hopefully better luck in the air. >> we learned that the army's golden knights team will not be there. they are investigating now one of their members died during the chicago air show. and dozens of miss america
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hopefuls may be able to check out the air show as well. the 52 contestant as rived in atlantic city and they are meeting with the public along the boardwalk, the traditional ceremonies comes ahead of their competition, can you watch the 95th miss america pageant right here on 6 abc, that is on sunday september 1th.
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eagles have one more game and then it's for real and thursday against the jets, up there in the meadowlands, you don't always see the starters, but keiko alonzo may take part. he missed saturday with knee tendonitis, it's linebacker did not play yet because of a knee issue and an earlier concussion, he says he will see snaps thursday against new york. also, in that game, so many hopeful will battle for a chance to call philadelphia home but
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the entire city is behind a guy that was born and bread here. jaime apody has who. >> as a kid that grew up in philadelphia rooting for a team with a jersey he now wears, philly embraces their own. >> rasheed bailey, he can play. >> you get to see this city from a whole different aspect, growing up it was a tough environment, going to roxborough high school and the love is so unreal. it's like unconditional right now. >> the delaware valley product is feeling the love from chip kelly, he doesn't get the sense that he is giddy just being here. >> is he not overwhelmed or overcome, because is he playing in his home town or playing for his favorite team going up, he is focused on what he has to do and that is improve on a constant basis. >> what would it mean to make the roster? >> it would be a dream and my dream is to play in the nfl.
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he knows that thursday night means everything, a final chance to make the team and put great plays on film so another team can pick him up if he doesn't. >> this is my opportunity, every little kids dream is to play in the nfl, no time to get caught in my emotions or the moment, it's time to play football and i'm excited. >> in south philadelphia, jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." pulling for him. the phillies will try it again tonight with the mets, fingers crossed. the losing streak now stands at 10 gebs the mets. rutgers will host norfolk state, after a recent practice the coaches orchestrate aid dance off and the winner gets ice-cream. hard to judge, where is len good man when you need him.
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6-3, 295 defensive tackle pulls out the moves, rick's moves. >> was that the caterpillar? >> the worm. you are not that square. >> i had a bad back, it was the caterpillar. immediate guest, melissa magee, with the accuweather forecast when we come back.
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melissa magee is in for cecily. >> we are in the 90s. >> how many have we had this year? >> 31 and we have more to go.
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stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's dry for the most part and we have the sea breeze front moving in and that moisture is moving in from a southeasterly wind and the stiff southeasterly winds in philadelphia, pressing into wilmington, not a major concern but something to watch out for. we'll show you the picture outside, the action cam was outside earlier this afternoon at franklin square park, we have a nice blue sky overhead and nice, puffy cumulous clouds. lets talk about the highlights, another heat wave and the air show forecast is coming up as early as tomorrow, with the air showdown in atlantic city. heat wave number five of our philadelphia summer season, 91 was the high on sunday, yesterday's high is 90 and today we maxed out at 95 degrees, the average high is 83, we were well above that today. the air show forecast, tomorrow in atlantic city, sunny and
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humid with an afternoon sea breeze with the temperature of 83 degrees, and the sea breeze will keep you cool compared to inland locations, 78 in the poconos and 79 in cape may with the strong on shore push and 73 in beach haven and 73 in reading. checking out the dew points, a level of moisture in the air, it's not terrible along the i-95 corridor. you'll notice we have the oppressive air, with the strong northeasterly breeze, dew point and millville, same thing in beach haven, that is where we have the oppressive air. as far as the dew point is concerned, not too bad. partly cloudy to mostly clear across the region, we are watching a few clouds bubbling up across the ohio valley, thanks to instability showers with the heat and humidity, this is more than likely the case for the work week, blazing sunshine and moderately humid, we have
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high pressure over the ohio valley and this ridge of high pressure moves to the east and we tap into the return flow once again tomorrow with the high temperature coming in at 94, getting into thursday, hot and humid and high up to 95 and we are tracking this back door cold front that moves through late thursday into early friday morning, right through the early afternoon hours, so showers are likely thursday night with a hazy hot and humid conditions coming in before the frontal boundary but high pressure is building in in time for our holiday weekend. september scorcher on the way tomorrow, high up to 94 and hot and steamy on thursday and 95. on friday we drop the temperatures down to 88 degrees with a scattered shower overhead, on saturday, just in time for the holiday weekend it's sunny and nice with a high up to 85, low humidity on sunday and the heat returns, 90 for labor day and 91 next tuesday, we may be talking about heat
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behave number six next week. >> what is the normal temperature for this time of month? >> 83, but by the end of the month down to 72. >> thank you. a huge milestone for the pennsylvania horticulture society, halfway through their plant 1 million campaign, they planted their 500,000th tree, this coincides with the world day of prayer, which was established by pope francis, abc world news is next on channel 6, and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 and join us here at 11:00 here on 6 abc. have a nice evening we'll see you tonight at 11:00. ♪
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breaking news at this hour, the manhunt under way in a major american city. the officer killed, the suspects running, the fbi, the u.s. marshals joining the intense search at this hour, schools on lockdown, trains halted. also tonight, the standoff at the county clerk's office. the same sex couples who want to get married. the clerk saying she's standing her ground under god's authority. should she keep her job. the fears along a stretch of highway, shattered windshields rngs four shootings in four hours. a girl in the front seat hit with flying glass, a tour bus also hit. tonight just back from our exclusive with pope francis. what he's saying about abortion and forgiveness and the moment that had this single mother


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